Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Faves so far!

It's New York fashion week and of course I have to give my two cents!  I really loved the layering and textures at Gary Graham, and I thought the aesthetic was really cool!  I love anything that is alienesque, and I thought the hair and makeup really did make the girls look extraterrestrial.   I loved how everything looked a little disheveled and nothing looked brand new.  I have to say I would wear almost every piece, the silhouettes were feminine and the draping made the garments really interesting.

I also really loved Chris Benz' collection.  The colors were beautiful muted jewel tones, the patterns were really interesting, and the silhouettes were classic with an unusual twist.  I loved the layering and the fur, and thought the fabrics were gorgeous and unique.  Loved the shoes, and thought that the playful elements were really interesting, which basically means I really want the fur gloves and the electric hats!  All in all wish I could wear beautiful clothes like these.  Stay tuned for more faves from fashion week. <3 Brijitte   

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  1. Beautiful Sketches! Check out my blog! Much love.