Monday, February 8, 2010


I'm loving pre-fall and wanted to do some illustrations before fashion week, because then there will be a huge new assortment of beautiful things to draw.  I chose the Valentino piece because I wanted to show my support for Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Piccioli. I love love love their pre-fall collection.  The tailoring is impeccable, the color usage phenomenal, and the shoes oh the beautiful shoes!  I know there has been some debate as to their couture presentation, and though I do understand that it did not fit with what Valentino is know for, it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!  It's like open your minds and your eyes, just because someone is designing for an established label, no matter how amazing, doesn't mean they don't have their own vision!  And furthermore should an artist stifle their artistic sensibilities and conform to someone else's standards, no!  So everyone should look at Valentino not by the standards it did before, but as a new entity with the same old name!  I think thats enough of a rant for now just know I loved tons and tons of collections in Pre-fall  and these are only 2 pieces! <3 Brijitte     

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